More about the right chest pain

The right chest pain can be associated with a heart attack. Although generally the heart attack is felt on the left, the right chest pain should be wary, because it can indicate a serious and life-threatening health problem.

More about the right chest pain
More about the right chest pain

The right chest pain is rarely noticed because people concentrate more on the heart that is on the left chest. In fact, the right chest pain can be associated with some serious illnesses that befall the body, especially in older people.

Body felt signs

There are some physical symptoms that can be felt when a person experiences chest pain on the right, namely:

  • Pain in the chest when changing the body position.
  • Sensation of sore in the chest cavity or behind the breastbone.
  • Pain in the chest is impaled.
  • Chest feels like kneaded, pressed, and congested.
  • Pain during breathing, especially when lying down.
  • It feels back flow from the gastrointestinal tract in the mouth.

Conditions related to chest pain right

Here are some causes of the right chest pain:

Heart Disorders

Although not the only cause of the right chest pain, but heart disorders can be the author. Some types of heart disorders include coronary heart disease, cardiac arrest, Perbolditis, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, angina, and aortic dissection.

Respiratory disorders
Lung problems can cause right chest pain. Among them, pneumonia or lung tissue infections, and pleurisy or inflammation of the pulmonary membranes. There is also pneumothorax, which is a dehumidifiers because of injuries so that air pressure in the lungs and breathing is interrupted. Pulmonary embolism or blockage of blood vessels in the lungs can also make the right chest painful.

Indigestion can also cause the right chest pain. For example, stomach acid diseases that can cause pain and tenderness in the right chest, because the esophagus and the heart share the same neural tissues. Inflammation of the pancreas also causes pain in the lower right chest, especially when lying down. The pain due to pancreatic inflammation will improve every time it is leaning facing forward. In addition, peptic ulcers also have the potential to make chest pain right.


Extreme anxiety or stress disorders are apparently able to create panic attacks, which usually have symptoms similar to heart attacks. This can happen suddenly or is triggered with traumatic or stressful events in your life. This can lead to the right chest pain, or in both.


Pleuritis is caused by swelling of the pleural near the lungs. It is often caused by a germ infection (virus). The pain will be felt when coughing and inhaling long.

Sports or activities

Activities involving chest muscles excessively can cause the right chest pain. This pain usually stems from muscle pain and worsens as the right chest muscle is moved.

Inflammation of the liver or hepatitis

This becomes one of the health conditions responsible for the appearance of the chest pain on the right. The location adjacent to the right chest cavity wall is the reason why the right chest hurts when the heart is experiencing serious problems.

Chest injury

Injuries to bones, muscles, and nerves in the chest can also cause the right chest pain. A broken right rib bone will cause the right chest to hurt, especially when breathing and coughing. The muscles and tendons that are located between the right rib can also be injured due to a cough that is too harsh or because of movement, causing the right chest pain.

Requesting doctor's assistance and emergency conditions

Because the chest has a variety of organs that are vital for the body, then do not take lightly if the chest hurt. Some of the right chest pain conditions accompanied by the following conditions require you to ask the doctor for help immediately. These include:

Hard to swallow.

Fever, chills, or coughs while removing greenish yellow sputum.
Cough blood.
The right chest pain is severe, and does not improve.
Meanwhile, the condition that needs to immediately ask for emergency assistance is if the right chest pain accompanied by the following conditions, including:

  • There was a sudden attack of tightness and heavy pressure on the breastbone.
  • After a long time of not doing sports, sudden chest pain accompanied by breathing difficulty.
  • Chest pain spreads to the left hand, back, and jaw.
  • The heart rate or blood pressure is too low.
  • Heart rate is faster, dizziness, nausea, pale, and excessive sweating.
  • Rapid treatment and early prevention will be helpful for the success of medication and the prevention of causes of right chest pain.

Rapid treatment and early prevention will be helpful for the success of medication and the prevention of causes of right chest pain. Feel free to consult a doctor if you feel any pain in your chest area.

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